Grants and Compassion Committee


  • To process requests for assistance from within the congregation.
  • To understand and promote general concepts of mutual aid within the congregation.
  • To keep congregation informed about policy.
  • To keep open channels of communication between pastoral team, individuals and mutual aid functions in order to respond to requests.
  • To promote a congregational plan for Christian education at high school and college levels and carry out the policy of educational grant program.
  • To process requests for voluntary service support according to policy

Members (three-year term):

  • Shannon Sneary (Chair) 2019
  • Jennifer Davis Sensenig (PT Rep.)
  • Melissa Rudacille 2021
  • Dick Stoltzfus 2019
  • Sara Gingerich 2020

Grants Committee Job Description

Before filling out the Compassion Fund Request Form, please see the Grants Guidelines.

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